Friday, January 23, 2009


Okay..even though this is my first blog..(on this site) I feel the urge to converse about the inauguration of our new president Barack H. Obama...I really do love & respect him to the fullest (No doubt) but I'm starting to question his win over his opponent- John McCain..OK.. now, according to STATISTICS (NOT KAMAZING) at least 52% of young BLACK people registered to vote just to vote for Obama.which is very questionable to me because I feel that most people voted for him "just because he's black" which defeats the purpose because I feel that everyone should cast they re vote to the candidate that they believe will bring change to the U.S. Now that BUSH has "F"'d up soooo bad that a lot of people feel that it takes a black person to come in & clean up things the "right" way...Me? Yes, I voted for OBAMA but not b/c of the color of his skin..but because we he speaks..and address issues that are before us...I truly believe him when he promises us change...Yes, its wonderful to have a black president...but it'll be better to have a black prez that will leave his mark....I pray that God provides him the strength & courage to carry us through this horrific deficit and the other conflicts that our economy is currently facing...

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